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    Find your perfect accessory - whether baseball cap, flat cap or Cuba cap - wear whatever you like and fit.

    Buy a cap – from baseball cap to flat cap

    If you want to buy a cap, you will find a very large selection at Hutwelt - and not just of sporty baseball caps, which are mainly worn by the young and the young at heart. You can find many more caps here that fit almost every outfit. The flat cap, i.e. the peaked cap, has now become a real hit in every age group. But the Cuban cap is also very popular with men and women who keep up with the times and put a lot of emphasis on fashion. Buy caps at Hutwelt – there is something for everyone.

    Buy caps – for her, for him and for the kids

    Caps? This is only something for children, teenagers or perhaps young adults. Well, let's put it this way: There are so many different caps that you can buy, so it's not possible to narrow down exactly who caps are suitable for based on age. Or to put it another way: everyone should wear caps if they want to. Without a doubt, baseball caps go best with a sporty and casual outfit, while flat caps can be worn with all looks. The latter are also called peaked caps and were previously reserved primarily for the working population before the caps were also accepted by the noble population. No matter what caps it is, today everyone can buy caps as they wish - and should do so. Because these accessories significantly enhance every look.

    Buy a cap – top brands to choose from

    At Hutwelt you will find a very large selection of top brands - so if you want to buy a cap, you can choose from a wide range. Among other things, the range includes:

    • Cayler & Sons
    • Flexfit
    • Stetson
    • Dijinns
    • Bavarian caps
    • Sunday Afternoon
    • Chaskee

    and much more. By the way, caps are not just a fashion highlight, there are caps that also protect against wind and weather. For example, the baker boy hat from the sun or the neck protection hat from cold winds. So just browse around, find the right headgear and buy caps – for every outfit, for every occasion.

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