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    With our outdoor models you are well protected for every adventure - protection against rain, wind or sun - making every activity more fun

    The traveler hat as a reliable companion

    Nature entices you to go outside, your vacation is spent hiking or cycling, and in general you're on the move a lot. Best conditions for a traveler hat. These are headgear that were primarily designed for on the go. In different designs, they are suitable for every weather and every season. For protection from the sun as well as from wind, rain and cold temperatures. A traveler hat can be worn by women, men and of course children. From everyone who likes to spend their free time outside.

    The stylish traveler hat

    If you can find a story for many other hats and read how they developed, this is not the case with the Traveler Hat. So it can be assumed that the term traveler hat comes from modern times. It is also not known who coined it. A traveler hat is one if it has a wide brim that is curved downwards and has round indentations on the sides. But many hats now also fall under this definition. The nice thing about a traveler hat is that, on the one hand, it protects you from the elements, but on the other hand, it doesn't lose sight of the fashion aspect. This means it can be combined in any weather and with countless outfits. Women's, men's and children's hats are available here, as well as traveler hats for every season. These hats are particularly popular with people who spend a lot of time outdoors and also love something special and stylish.

    Traveler hat – high-quality brands at Hutwelt

    The Hutwelt online shop offers numerous traveler hats from well-known brands in its range. Among other things, you can find:

    • Sunday afternoons
    • Chaskee
    • Mayser
    • Bavarian caps
    • Faustman
    • Stetson

    Suitable for many occasions, the traveler hat can easily find its place even in everyday life. As a fashion accessory, it is now part of many people's basic equipment.

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