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    Flat caps – pretty casual

    Hats can be elegant, hats can be casual, hats can be funky, but hats can also be casual. Casual is a good keyword because it goes perfectly with so-called flat caps. The name of course comes from English and means something like flat cap or flat hat. And in fact the flat caps are very flat and hug the shape of your head. There is a small peak at the front, which is why flat caps are also known as peaked caps. Other common names include hatteras, bat caps, newsboy caps, flat caps or flat caps. The great thing about flat caps is that they can be worn by women and men on any occasion.

    Flat caps – this is how the casual hats were created

    Flat caps used to be typical workers' hats. The origin of the hats probably lies in England, although Italy is also mentioned again and again. The Irish brought the flat caps into the wide world. As already mentioned, this classic headgear was worn primarily by workers for many centuries. But over the course of the 19th century they also moved in with the wealthy population. She got to know flat caps and ultimately love them. From then on, hats made of cotton or silk were part of good style in leisure time. Nowadays, flat caps are available in different materials, leather is very popular. The robust flat caps are casual and go with almost every outfit.

    Flat caps – great variety

    A wide range of flat caps can be found in the Hutwelt shop. The hats are made from the following materials, among others:

    • Wool
    • Linen
    • tweed
    • Cashmere
    • Denim fabric
    • Goretex

    Flat caps are available with UV protection as well as with ear flaps. So when the sun is really beating down or the wind is blowing around your ears, a flat cap is a good way to protect yourself and look fashionable at the same time. Flat caps can be worn by men as well as women.

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