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    With the right hat, nothing stands in the way of your big appearance

    The men's hat is suitable for every occasion

    No matter whether with a business dress, a casual look or when visiting the theater, opera etc., a men's hat can in principle be worn with any outfit. This small but eye-catching accessory is becoming increasingly popular and can also be seen more and more often on men's heads. The range of hat models is extremely large. The following men's hats can be found in the Hutwelt online shop:
    • Traditional hats
    • Paper hats
    • Trekking hats
    • Panama hats
    • Straw hats
    • Outdoor hats
    • Flat caps
    • Caps

    And the material from which the men's hats are made is also particularly versatile. There's a lot there, from fabric to wool to cashmere and linen.

    How the men's hat became socially acceptable

    Men's hat fashion began in the early Middle Ages. Back then, hats were worn to show what social class you belonged to. In the 11th century, common men wore a coiffe, a hood made of leather or linen. Over the next few centuries, the selection of men's hats became increasingly broader, so that fashion was also based on other headgear, such as the turban. The so-called beret, which was reserved primarily for the upper classes, was particularly popular in the 15th and 16th centuries. The straw hat, which is still popular today, experienced its renaissance in the 17th century. A century later, hats were a thing of the past, because with the advent of men's wigs, people rarely wore hats anymore. Top hats, sailor caps and traditional hats followed - so the variety became greater and greater and that hasn't changed to this day.

    Men's hat - fashionable and protective at the same time

    Nowadays, men's hats are of course worn as a fashion accessory. But not only. Protection is also important to many people, so reaching for a hat is about as commonplace for some people as reaching for trousers. With the right men's hat, you can also make something of yourself visually. A wide variety can be found in the online shop at Hutwelt.

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