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    Sweet baby fashion made from sustainable materials in high quality for your offspring

    Baby hats – to protect the little ones

    The offspring will be grateful if they are equipped with baby hats. This head protection is ideal to protect these delicate creatures in any weather. For example, in the sun to keep the aggressive rays away from the delicate baby scalp. Baby hats are also useful when it rains because they protect against moisture. And of course, baby hats are also ideal in windy conditions so that the little ones don't catch a cold. In winter, the hats also keep you warm and your darling stays healthy. And of course baby hats are also a fashion aspect, because a great hat is always a real eye-catcher.

    Large selection of baby hats

    A look at Hutwelt's online shop shows how diverse the selection of baby hats is. Among other things, you can find them here

    • Tie caps
    • Neck protection hats
    • peaked caps
    • Flappers
    • Newsboy caps
    • bonnet
    • Sun hats
    • Jersey hats
    • Inca hats
    • Baptism caps

    and of course much more. For all eventualities, it is recommended to get several baby hats at the same time, so that the child is completely protected at every opportunity and always cuts a good figure. Since the baby hats are made of high quality, they can also be used for future offspring. The baby hats are made from sustainable materials, so that the environment is always taken into account when it comes to caps and hats.

    Choose suitable baby hats

    If it is a baby hat that is intended to protect against dangerous UV rays, especially in summer, a hat that offers a high level of UV protection is recommended. Hats for the warm season should also be very light so that the baby doesn't sweat too much. In contrast, hats for the cold months and bad weather have a stronger material for lasting protection against low temperatures, rain, snow and wind. The right size is also crucial for the baby hat to fit. It makes little sense if the hat is too big for the child to “grow into”. It is also important that the baby hat is not too small and fits uncomfortably. Different sizes can be selected for the individual items.

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