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    Berets – the classic from France

    Buy berets – stylish and on trend

    My absolute favorite hat is the beret, this goes well with different clothing styles, is also good to take with you and is made of wool, a natural base material.

    Buy berets – where does the beret come from

    A beret is a head covering made of wool or felt. The name goes to Emperor Napoleon III. back, he often stayed in the Basque Country and incorrectly called the cap béret basque , beret. Today you often see the Basque on influencers or in films, especially the Netflix series “Emily in Paris” celebrates the French style and shows the most beautiful street looks.

    Buy a beret - who suits a beret?

    The beret fits oval or heart-shaped faces best, but square face shapes can also wear the French classic. If you have a round face, it is best to wear the hat at an angle.

    Buy a beret – many models

    If you think the basque is only made of wool, you are wrong. The trend model is available in different qualities and with loving details. Whether made of knit or imitation fur, with beads, ruffles and embroidery. And of course the classic model made of milled wool. There is a wide range of colors here.

    At Hutwelt you will find a large selection of colors and materials.

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