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    Beautifully dressed up with a dirndl and lederhosen with the matching traditional hat.

    Traditional hat – the icing on the cake

    Anyone who likes to wear traditional costume - which is now not only the case on special occasions, but is also possible in everyday life - will not be able to avoid a traditional costume hat. Nowadays, traditional costume is worn, for example, at folk festivals and church consecrations, but also in the theater, in chic restaurants, at a wedding or birthday party and of course in the beer garden. The occasions on which you can wear traditional costume are varied. The traditional hat is an integral part of the dirndl and lederhosen because it adds the missing finishing touch to the traditional costume.

    The history of the traditional hat

    When you hear traditional costume, you probably think of Bavaria first. But there are so many other areas where traditional costume has a long history. Just think of Tyrol or the Black Forest. And the traditional hat was also usually included in the past. However, not always from the start. In Bavaria, for example, it developed from the hat that hunters used to wear. Feathers, animal bristles and ribbons provided the special decoration. In other cultures, the traditional hat was added later to the existing costume and was often visually more ornately designed - especially the traditional hat for women. Today the traditional hat is visually diverse and is often designed so that it can be worn with many traditional costumes.

    The traditional hat at Hutwelt

    A variety of traditional hats can be found in the Hutwelt online shop. All of high quality and from renowned brands. Below

    • Faustman
    • Tonak
    • Kübl
    • Bittner
    • Bavarian caps

    The traditional hats can be worn by women and men. Traditional hats now go perfectly with dirndls and lederhosen, but also with everyday clothing. If you would like to dress up again or are simply looking for a chic accessory with an eye-catching guarantee, Hutwelt is the right place for you, as you will find a large number of traditional hats for every type and every occasion.

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