We are celebrating 485 years of Hut-Knittlberger

At the time of Count Ladislaus in 1534 , the first Hueter (the name for hatter at the time) was recorded in the Hague tax book with an annual tax of 2 shillings and 8 pfennigs. That was the beginning of the hatter's house in Hague. Since then, hatters have worked almost continuously in the house on Wasserburger Strasse. In 1717 it was still at number 89, which later became number 4.
Wasserburger Straße 89
Over the years the name has changed many times; since 1948 it has been “bei Knittlberger”. Karl Ederer, the son of the Ederer family, actually learned the craft of hat making and took over the business from grandfather Michael Streidl together with his sister Anna in 1933.

left: Anna Ederer (later Knittlberger) right: Karl Ederer

The shop was closed during the war and after Karl was killed in action in Holland in 1945, Anna Ederer continued to run the business alone. After her marriage to Alfred Knittlberger from Munich, it became Hut-Knittlberger.
Anna and Alfred Knittlberger
In 1994 the business was taken over by their daughter Ingrid Knittlberger.
Renate and Ingrid Knittlberger
Since her early death in 2004, the next generation, Renate Wortmann, has continued to run the traditional shop in Hague; the name of the shop has been retained. For 15 years you have been able to browse the diverse range 24/7 atwww.hutwelt.com .

today's team

Our shop is one of the oldest hat shops in Germany

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