Winter time = glove time

Gloves are an important accessory so that we are prepared for winter and the first snowflakes. Cold fingers are simply not a desirable companion for any outdoor activity.

With our winter warm gloves the cold doesn't stand a chance.

There is a model for every taste. A little sportier with Tooltex Memabrane, the gloves remain windproof and waterproof, but also breathable. This means we are well prepared for any winter adventure.

Decorated with small bows, buttons or clasps, wool gloves are a real eye-catcher and complete the outfit perfectly.

The classic are leather gloves, preferably with warm wool lining. There are different types of leather sewn with the best fit. A leather glove is also very resource-efficient due to its long lifespan and can last you for years. Leather has been used for clothing for over 5,000 years and is a purely natural product. A leather glove is created with loving handwork from many individual parts.

If you want to use your smartphone with warm fingers outside, you can use touch-enabled gloves.

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