Which hat fits?

Which hat suits which occasion or the look?

Those who don't yet own a hat are often unsure about which hat should I wear and will it fit?

Felt hats are the perfect companion - a hat protects you especially in cooler temperatures or wet weather. There are also great trekking models that have weatherproof equipment and are perfect for bad weather.

Fedoras are more casual here, women's hats that are modeled on a men's hat go well with coats and blazers and everything that is a little more casual. The wearer should not be too petite so that the hat brim does not appear too large. For more ladylike outfits, small pot shapes reminiscent of the 1920s are a perfect addition. This also goes well with narrow faces.

In summer, when temperatures rise, a straw hat is popular. The material is airy and therefore you sweat less. Wide-brimmed models that provide more shade are good here. There are also models with a high sun protection factor, which provides good protection against UV rays. If you are smaller, then a narrower brim is better, otherwise it will be too bulky. There are also nice crushable models that are perfect for vacation.

Fisherman's hats (also known as bucket hats) have now become established all year round. In summer they are made of cotton or linen and for bad weather there are also models made of rainproof material. Bucket hats with fur that are suitable for winter are also casual here and can be easily combined with a sporty outfit. These are also the perfect travel companions as they are easy to pack and fold.

And good to know, in contrast to men, women are allowed to keep their hats in closed rooms as it is part of their clothing. This means that women can leave their hats on in church or at celebrations, even indoors.

Have courage and get advice from a specialist shop!

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