Well protected in the sun

Even though we may not be vacationing in the south this year, we should still protect ourselves from harmful UV rays. It's not just in southern countries that the sun has an impact on the skin. You should protect yourself well, especially during sporting activities. There are special caps and sun hats with UV protection for this.

A hat and sunscreen provide the best protection for the sensitive areas of the head, forehead, nose, ears, neck and lips.

According to skin types I-IV, the skin's own protection is 5-10 minutes for very light skin and 40 minutes for light brown/olive skin. With UV-20, for example, the time in the sun can be extended by a factor of 20.

Children's skin is particularly at risk from UV radiation. It is only from the age of 15 that children have developed sufficient protective mechanisms against dangerous UV radiation. There are many hats and caps with high UV protection especially for kids, perfect for children's sensitive skin.

Enjoy the summer and stay healthy!

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