We celebrate the hat wearers of 2023

This time the hat wearer of the year comes in a double pack - Kai and Thorsten Wingenfelder from Fury in the Slaughterhouse are the hat wearers of the year 2023

The brothers are enthusiastic hat wearers and were awarded the Gold Hat 2023 by the hat association GDH in their hometown of Hamburg. They are the 11th hat wearers of the year and successors to prominent hat wearers such as the musicians Johannes Oerding, Max Mutzke, Gregor Meyle and Roger Cicero.

The two are veterans of the rock scene. The 6-member band Fury made it to the top of the German album charts for the first time in 2023 with their 16th studio album “Hope” - after 37 years of band history! Kai and Thorsten are also soloists and have been performing German-language music with the “Wingenfelder” project since 2011. The two musicians repeatedly use their celebrity status for charity and donation projects – currently with Hope under the hashtag “Hope changes everything”. Kai and Thorsten Wingenfelder like to wear headgear both at their performances and in private: pork pie and caps are their trademarks, fedoras, narrow men's hats, knitted and newsboy caps suit both brothers perfectly. So the perfect choice for the hat association GDH prize, which is awarded as part of International Hat Day on November 25th.

Kai and Thorsten Wingenfelder said during the Golden Hat award ceremony in Hamburg:

“As hat wearers, we feel extremely honored to be the eleventh in this illustrious list of award winners like Johannes Oerding!” says Thorsten Wingenfelder and his brother Kai adds with a thumbs up: “Awesome. This is a nice and original prize. Thank you".

GDH board member Sabine Falkenhagen enthusiastically presented the gold hat, a unique piece designed from a wooden hat mold that was used to make hats. The co-owner of the Hamburg hat shop Falkenhagen warmly congratulated on behalf of the GDH hat association on the award, which has been presented since 2013. The GDH is the Association of German Hat Shops and has as a community partners Göttmann, Faustmann, McBurn, Bullani, Gebeana, Balke Fashion, Kangol, Bailey and Fiebig.

Prominent hat wearers, honored by the hat association GDH eV since 2013

  • Kai and Thorsten Wingenfelder - hat wearers 2023, musicians
  • Max Mutzke - hat wearer 2022, singer/songwriter
  • Dr. Harald Lech - hat wearer 2021, scientist, television presenter
  • Horst Lichter - hat wearer 2020, chef, television presenter
  • Johannes Oerding - hat wearer 2019, singer/songwriter
  • Massimo Sinató - hat wearer 2018, professional dancer and entertainer
  • Gregor Meyle - hat wearer 2017, singer/songwriter
  • Jan Josef Liefers - hat wearer 2016, actor (including Tatort Münster), musician
  • Roger Cicero - hat wearer 2015, musician, unfortunately passed away in 2016
  • Andreas Hoppe - hat wearer 2014, actor (including Tatort Ludwigshafen)
  • Nadine Angerer - Hat wearer 2013, women's national football team

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