We celebrate the hat wearer of the year 2022

Max Mutzke is hat wearer of the year 2022

Max Mutzke is one of the most famous singers in Germany. His songs have a lot to say and express strong feelings. His voice is an all-round talent whose spectrum ranges from pop, rock and soul to jazz. And he's a fan of headgear . On the covers of his eight studio albums, at his concerts and also in private, a hat or cap is his trademark. For this passion, Max Mutzke was named “Hat Wearer of the Year 2022” by the hat association GDH eV. As part of International Hat Day on November 25th, the 41-year-old musician received an individually designed golden hat award. He is the 10th hat wearer of the year and the successor to prominent hat wearers such as fellow musicians Johannes Oerding, Gregor Meyle and Jan Josef Liefers.

Max Mutzke said during the Golden Hat award ceremony in Cologne:

“It's crazy that I'm the tenth hat wearer in 2022, that's a great prize. A great attention because the last two years have been extremely difficult for us musicians and all cultural workers. And now we artists and consumers have great uncertainty as to whether the next concerts can take place in winter. This award is like a little lighthouse for me, in the truest sense of the word! This is a great honor for me.

I'll display the Golden Hat Award at home, I promise! Because the gold hat is not a hollow plastic part, but a real tool for making hats. As a craft fan, I really appreciate this.

Thank you very much to all the people who are responsible for me being chosen as the tenth hat wearer of 2022.”

The hat is his trademark

Max Mutzke prefers to wear men's hats in the shapes of player, fedora or traveler in many colors, stylishly worn high at the front, as well as men's hats. Fans know him from his 70 concerts a year or from his numerous TV appearances on Stefan Raab, as an astronaut on The Masked Singer or on the music talk show “Lebenslieder”. Max Mutzke gives the headgear a friendly face. The hat association GDH, the Association of German Hat Shops eV thanked them for this and warmly congratulated them on the award.

Max Mutzke was elected by the members, all owner-managed hat shops with a long tradition - the oldest shop was founded 488 years ago. The award has been presented since 2013 as part of the 'International Day of the Hat' (November 25th) with the support of the hat partners Göttmann, Faustmann, Arlt/McBurn, Gebeana, Fiebig, the brands Kangol and Bailey as well as Bullani. A good reason for the hat industry to celebrate this day of action!

Prominent hat wearers, honored by the hat association GDH eV since 2013

  • Max Mutzke, hat wearer 2022, singer/songwriter, entertainer
  • Dr. Harald Lech hat wearer 2021, scientist, television presenter
  • Horst Lichter hat wearer 2020, chef, television presenter
  • Johannes Oerding hat wearer 2019, singer/songwriter
  • Massimo Sinató Hat Wearer 2018, professional dancer and entertainer
  • Gregor Meyle hat wearer 2017, singer/songwriter
  • Jan Josef Liefers hat wearer 2016, actor (including Tatort Münster), musician
  • Roger Cicero hat wearer 2015, musician, unfortunately passed away in 2016
  • Andreas Hoppe hat wearer 2014, actor (including Tatort Ludwigshafen)
  • Nadine Angerer hat wearer 2013, women's national soccer team

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