Street Style Looks

Baseball caps are worn by many during sports, in their free time or simply as fashion accessories.
The baseball cap made its first appearance in 1894 - at a New York Yankees baseball game on April 24, 1894.

At the time, players commonly wore straw hats. The team wore striped, hemispherical caps for the first time.
The first caps did not have the shape they have today; it was only in 1940 that the front was reinforced and the cap was given the typical shield as sun protection.
Over the course of the 70s, the baseball cap became suitable for everyday use and became one of the most popular headgear.

The well-known company New Era supplies the Major Baseball League, which was founded in 1920 by German immigrant Erhard Koch.
Especially with street style outfits, the versatile models give the look the finishing touch.

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