Well protected in the sun

Already in the holiday mood? You should bring a hat or cap with you, especially during the holiday season - a headgear plus sunscreen offers the best protection for the sensitive areas of the head, forehead, nose, ears, neck and lips. There are also wonderfully crushable models that fit into any suitcase. Just stop by and choose the right hat for your holiday wardrobe.

The material also depends on the material: For example, a light cotton hat without UV protection equipment can only offer sun protection of 2-20 UPF, whereas a sun hat with special UV protection equipment achieves UV protection of 40-80 UPF. The higher the UV protection, the longer you can enjoy the sun.

Airy paper straw hat with summery shell decoration - with a wide brim for great sun protection

Paper straw hat with a folded brim - great with summer dresses - but also suitable for celebrations.

The color can be perfectly combined with various summer outfits.

Trilby straw hat with an interesting pattern

Light paper trilby in plain - can be combined with many outfits

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